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Drinking Water System Engineering Services 

Grant & Loan Applications (SDWA, Prop 50, Prop 84, etc.)

 Engineering, Alternatives Analyses & Reports

Hydraulic, Fire Flow, Structural, Economic Calculations

Pumping, Piping, Control, & Tank Design

 Tank Structural, Renovation, and Foundation Design

Pressure Reducing Station Design 

Construction Contracts, Specifications, and Administration

Engineer's Cost Estimate, System Value, Appraisal 

Water District or Mutual Benefit Corporation Formation

Operation Analysis, SCADA, Upgrades, Repairs, Troubleshooting

District Engineer, District Manager, Standards Development, Plan Review



Representative Water System Related Projects:


Water System Pictures: TREATMENT, TANK, PUMPS

WATER SYSTEM ENGINEERING, VARIOUS WATER COMPANIES THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA: Engineering consultation on numerous water systems under Court Receivership to bring systems into compliance with State Water Quality Standards, to assess their values for sale, preparation of requests for quotes and requests for proposals for sale.  Provide recommendations to the Receiver and Court regarding proposals.  Projects normally involve field assessment of system facilities and various records, consultation with system owner and approving agencies, alternatives and preliminary design of mitigation and repair projects, and application for loan and grant funding.


WATER SYSTEM ENGINEERING, Foster Road - Vineyard Heights WC: Consultation on alternative water system schemes that could be used to develop a large site on a ridge above Los Gatos.  Included work with San Jose Water Company on providing service, alternatives to control cost, negotiations with Town of Los Gatos on alternatives to San Jose Water service, formation and facilities design of an independent water company, construction review, system startup, Engineers reports and applications for the State Department of Real Estate, County Health Department, and for insurance coverage.


SAN JERARDO WATER SYSTEM, MONTEREY CHAPTER APWA 2011 PROJECT OF THE YEAR: Consultation, recommendations, and system design for a small water system.  Existing well contained excess nitrates and nearby test wells had produced water with similar characteristics.  Canvassed nearby well sites and selected a general location for a pilot well which later proved acceptable.  Worked with County and State to gain SDWASRF and Prop 50 grants to construct the new well, import the water over 2 miles to the community, and provide new storage and pumping capacity for the community.  PREPARED ALL PRELIMINARY STUDIES, PRELIMINARY DESIGN, AND GRANT FUNDING APPLICATIONS FOR THE DESIGNED SYSTEM, final design by others.


WATER SYSTEM CONSULTATION, VARIOUS DEVELOPMENTS: Consultation on alternative water system designs that could be used to develop large sites in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Stanislaus Counties.  Projects involve field assessment of alternative sources of supply, consultation with approving agencies, consultation with developer or owner, preparation of exhibits for system approval, and preliminary design. Final design is normally completed as support to the lead Civil Engineer on the project. Since 1996. 


MANAGING ENGINEER & EXPERT ENGINEER ON LITIGATION TEAM, Redwood Estates Mutual Water Company:  Prepared scopes and managed a team of independent expert engineers for an attorney investigating design and construction deficiencies on a major pipeline.  Interpreted findings and produced settlement conference presentation.


COMPANY ENGINEER, Mountain Mutual Water Company:  Consultation to eleven mutual water companies to expedite plan approvals, obtain water supply permit, and connections to Montevina Pipeline.


CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE COMPANY:  Provided pre-design survey and preliminary design of a 900 length of 12 pipeline on a curved alignment in Stockton.




ENGINEER/AUTHOR, STANDARDS AND POLICIES MANUAL, VOLUME II, WATER SYSTEMS  for Santa Clara County:  Developed design standards, review procedures and specifications for small water systems in rural areas of Santa Clara County.  They were gathered into a Manual form, then adopted by the County in 1981 and remain unchanged to today.


SILVER CREEK VALLEY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT, San Jose, California.  This project included $4 Million of major water pumping, transmission, distribution, and storage facilities:  Three major pumping stations including motor controls and telemetry equipment, a 3 million gallon tank including site improvements, 17,000 lineal feet of 24" ductile iron pipeline, and in-tract 8" and 12" water pipe.


CALIFORNIA WATER SERVICE COMPANY:  Responsible for all phases of water system improvement design and construction from budget to design, construction inspection, and contract administration.  Completed four tanks throughout California from 1MG to 2MG, including Vineyard Tank #3 in Cupertino, 33 concrete cylinder pipeline through downtown Stockton, numerous 12 through 24 pipes throughout California, systems analysis, structural analysis for underground structures, thrust blocking calculations, dynamic seismic analysis of steel water tanks including effects of sloshing, flood routing for catastrophic failure of Bear Gulch Dam, tank inspections and testing for corrosion.  Performed all fire flows for Bay Area districts to calibrate computer model and plan main extensions.


MORGAN HILL BUSINESS PARK WATER SYSTEM EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENTS ANALYSIS, City of Morgan Hill:  Hydraulic analysis and alternatives study of City water system to determine effects of improving 400 acres into industrial/research uses.  Identified new well field area, pipeline extensions, system strengthening pipelines and improvements to allow development.  Independent check against HYNET model showed 4% difference between calculation methods.


DEERFIELD TANK, CITY OF ANTIOCH:  Design, bid and fast track construction processing for 2.5 MG steel water tank.  Design included central, single pier for reduced maintenance, cathodic protection system, and specialized piping.  Site grading and foundation contract was separated from tank erection to reduce construction time by two months.  Landscaping was bid and awarded following tank painting.